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Forest Garden Design and Build Course

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:04 pm
by Balkep
Would you like to learn how to design and build a forest garden?

Our Design and Build courses are exactly that. We start with the design and end with the build. In this particular course we will be designing and building a forest garden from scratch. (see below for the design site specifications)
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We'll start by surveying the design plot to establish climatic conditions, water harvesting potential, soil properties, basic botanical survey and a topography survey. Based on the initial survey we will select a range of plants for our forest garden and using landscape design software will create 2D design for the area. For the build part of the course we'll be establishing the access, irrigation and planting beds for the area. We will then plant out the canopy, shrub, herb and ground layer of the forest garden and on the final day build a wildlife pond within the garden. We aim to balance field work and hands-on practicals with the essential theory in order to provide you with a solid foundation to start designing and implementing your own projects. We'll introduce the fundamentals of regenerative design to you within an organised and structured framework and will provide a wealth of material for you to take away and study in your own time.

Why take this course?

​​You will experience hands on, step by step experience of how to design and build a forest garden.
You will learn from an experienced team at an established site where you can interact with the course material on the ground.
Enjoy our unique location which is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge in the tranquility of rural Bulgaria. Although the course is active the relaxed atmosphere cannot help but be absorbed.
We provide a range of post-course resources so you can explore in depth in your own time the details and theory behind what we cover during the course. We love to hear from past participants of our courses and are open to providing feedback and support for your future or ongoing projects.
The profits we generate from our courses are used to purchase land with high ecological value currently under threat from intensive agricultural development. Once under our stewardship, the land is managed with respect for its inherent value and vital ecosystem support.

Where you will be?

The course is hosted in the town of Shipka on the foothills of the Central Balkan Mountains in the Rose Valley, Bulgaria. The area boasts high levels of biodiversity, beautiful countryside and historical sites of global, cultural and scientific significance. Sessions will be split between the lecture room, out in the wild, our 12 year old home forest garden composed of over 400 species of plants, our four year old market garden site and our perennial polyculture research fields. Our site provides a good example of small scale. low cost, intensive ecological design and includes examples of rainwater harvesting, gray water reed beds, wildlife ponds, multiple composting facilities and small scale plant nursery, forest gardens and more. We practice various methods of biological vegetable production including guild planting and crop rotation, and rear pigs, chickens and rabbits from this property.

If traveling from abroad perhaps you would like to extend your stay in the region? There is plenty to do including hiking, biking, paragliding, various wildlife tours and archaeological excursions, or you could just soak up the timeless vibes of rural Bulgaria. If you would like to extend your stay please get in touch with the owners of your accommodation option

Course fee €200
Accommodation and food: from €60
**Early booking and group discount available**
Location - Shipka - Bulgaria

Hope to see you !!