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Dolphin Striker

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:41 am

A tall ship called "The Flying Dutchman" visits Whitby periodically and I notice she has a Dolphin Striker. This is a steel rod pointing vertically down under her bowsprit. Dolphins love to ride the bow wave of any vessel that comes along unfortunately just where the Dolphin Striker is located. I have no doubt that is how it got its name. Not much can be done about these tall ships and their Dolphin Strikers but in the case of The Flying Dutchman at the lower end of the Dolphin Striker there is a large arrow head. Bad enough that the poor creatures get caught by the Dolphin Striker at all but this in the event of a strike a Dolphin will be severely injured by this arrow head. If you google Flying Dutchman AIS you will find the vessels current location. The vessel was built in 1903 and god knows how many Dolphins have been ripped open in the last 115 years?

What can be done?

Look forward to replies