Using rubbish to grow?

Empty plastic containers are generally used then thrown away. John Pendergast has other ideas..... (click on images to enlarge)John pendergast and his milk bottles

JRP Recycling

JRP Recycling Ideas can save lives. My recycling project was designed to reuse millions of waste plastic containers of many shapes and sizes to grow things in. The containers can help feed the starving in a drought or flood situation. You may ask how?

It is because nothing I grow is grown in the ground itself, by design. I wanted to be able to move my crops from one place to another without them all dying, this you can not do if they are grown in the normal way. Other benefits are that there are no weeds, no slugs, no snails and less insects to control. It also has it's own water recycling system built in. This is achieved by undoing or doing up the container caps that are at the bottom of every container when it is cut. I can empty out one or more containers at any time, in all weathers, without even getting my shoes muddy.

To show that any surface area will work, I grow all my produce on my allotment on pallets. This shows that it will work on other terrains too and it is all designed to either be free standing or to float. Also a row of containers can be made to be positioned at any hight by the means of it's carrying beam.

This means you can sow indoors or outside if you want to and you can grow more for longer if you want to, because it can all be moved on a small or large scale from one place to another.

john on his allotment plotI can reuse 300  containers at one time on each of my pallet sections if I want to that the beauty of my design. On my half plot alone I will reuse at least 9,000 plastic containers which not only stops them going into landfill sites, it means that if I wanted to stop the way I do things, everything could be recycled again, leaving a completly weed free flat surface area for some one else to use. (Which my allotment certainly was not when I first started my project.)

My idea is also inexpensive as I also only use 3 tools, a sharp knife to cut round the bottom of all my containers, a crowbar to break up unwanted pallets and a claw hammer to pull out the old nails to reuse again.

what john can growAs shown on my web site my idea can help save millions of lives in the simplest of ways. I know can be done by reuseing millions of tonnes of waste plastic containers and wood not only in this country but in the rest of the world. Using waste plastic to grow in is also free, and it adds to what already being recycled now in so many different ways.  

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