Bryan’s Simple-ly Delicious Split Pea Soup

A very simple and easy to make version of Split Pea soup. Rinse split peas several times before adding to crock pot. Cover with water twice the level of the split peas. As peas cook they will absorb water (Don’t add anything to the peas… no salt/garlic/onions etc.,). Check and maintain water level covering peas. Depending on cook time soup can vary from soft peas in liquid to a slurry. Serve hot.

Add two tablespoons of plain yogurt.
Add dash of hot sauce
Add sprinkling of black pepper.
Add 1/4 tsp of lime or lemon juice

Editors Note – This recipe was sent to us by Bryan. Thank you Bryan. If you would you like to share one of your recipes then please visit our webforum. Some recipes will be published on the main site.

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