Glut of Tomato dish – By Jackie Holt

Glut of tomatos..Never again will you be wondering what to do with them.


2lb (1 kg)tomatoes any colour (mixed is nice)
10 – 12 mint or basil leaves
sugar free sweet vinegar (recipe below )

Lightly prick each tomato in several places with a cocktail stick. Arrange in a sterilised jar with the mint or basil. Pour in the sweet vinegar, making sure it covers the tomatoes by at least 1in (2.5cm). Poke the tomatoes with a wooden skewer to ensure there are no air pockets.

Weight down the tomatoes then seal. The tomatoes will be ready to eat in 4 – 6 weeks, but improve with longer keeping.

Sugar Free Vinegar

2 pints cider vinegar or distilled malt vinegar
1/4 pint apple juice
1tb spoons peppercorns
1tsp cloves
1tb coriander seeds
a few chillies (optional)

Put the vinegar and fruit juice in the pan ,bring to the boil and skim well.Make a spice bag with remaining ingredients,add to the boiling vinegar mixture and boil for 10 minutes.Remove the spice bag,pour over tomatoes.

You can make this vinegar mix in larger quantities and it will keep for 2 years and can be used for loads of  other things if sealed in hot sterilised jars.

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