Mike’s Veggie Lasagne and Mike’s Jam

Veggie Lasagne

Sweat plenty of garlic and onions add tomatoes and a handful of fresh herbs add water if necessary and some finely chopped vegetables. Whatever you have to hand. Simmer till tender.

Make a bechamel sauce. Adding ground bay leaf, mace and nutmeg—–be careful with the nutmeg. When you make the bechamel sauce do not overdo the mace nutmeg and bay, you do need to flavour it but can easily overpower it. As a guide I make 1 litre of sauce and in total put less than a teaspoon full of the 3 spices combined.

Cook some spinach.

Assemble the lasagna using lasagna verdi and using feta and/or cottage cheese and the tomato and bechamel sauce and spinach.

Cook about 15mins so the lasagna is still al dent.

Hope you like it.

Sorry not very specific on quantities but it depends how hungry, how many folk etc.


Mikes Jam

I made about 100 jars of jam earlier this year and noticed that strawberry jam was difficult to set requiring lemon juice or tartaric acid or extra pectin to aid setting. I also noticed blackcurrant jam had a tendency to set too easily requiring extra water. The solution was obvious

2lb strawberries
2lb blackcurrants
4lb sugar


Makes fantastic jam, highly recommended.

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