Simple Grape Wine – By Jackie Holt

Jackie says that a lot of wine experts would probally say that this recipe would not work as it is too simple, but it does. Jackie grows all of her grapes on her allotment in the Thames Valley.


Enough grapes to make a quart of liquid ..about 10lb
2lb sugar  Method/Procedure
1.Mash grapes in container and leave to ferment for 3 – 5 days.

2.Draw off juice

3.Dissolve sugar in hot water.

4.Mix all together and pour into Demi John add water to fill upto one gallon.

5.leave to bubble away for about 3 – 4 months.

6. Draw off and bottle.

Don’t forget no yeast needed as grapes make their own yeast

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1 Comment on Simple Grape Wine – By Jackie Holt

  1. This sounds great, but does it really work ? What all about the extra ingredients like Campden tabs and other stuff I see listed in every home winemaking recipe ?

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