Easy Chapati Recipe – by contadina

Heres a really easy chapati recipe for around 6- 8 chapatis

1 cup of flour (preferably wholemeal but any will do)
65 ml of warm water
splash of olive oil or ghee

Your supposed to use a tava, I don’t have one so use an ordinary frying pan but I guess a griddle pan would work well as you want it to be hot.

Make a well/hole in the middle of the dough and pour in water. Mix and make into a dough. Add oil or ghee and knead for 5 – 8 mins until nice and elastic. Cover with a damp cloth and leave for an hour. Plenty of time to get your other dishes cooking.

When ready to cook, roll into 8 balls. Put pan on to heat up. Sprinkle flour onto a board and then roll a ball out to make a thin pancake. Put on the hot pan over a high heat and when brown spots appear turn over. Press down to ensure cooks well, especially at the sides. Turn over briefly. Then put on plate and cover with foil or a cloth to keep warm, and build a stack with the remaining chapatis – they take a few minutes each (so cook them when the rest of the curry is already cooked) and keep them warm until ready to serve.

[Recipe by contadina taken from forum thread ]

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