The urban guide to almost self sufficiency (Urban Homesteading)

SELFSUFFICIENTISH.COM the birth place of the Selfsufficient-ish Bible.

Andy Hamilton and Dave hamiltonWelcome to our corner of the internet. We have been bringing you advice and information on everything Selfsufficientish and self sufficient for almost five years.

If this is the first time you have been here then Hello. We are selfsufficientish, a website for anyone who wants to be a little more selfsufficient – ish. See our philosophy for more details on what selfsufficientish means. We call it the urban guide to almost self sufficiency, a sort of urban homesteading site. The worlds first urban homesteading site, in fact, as we were founded in 2004.

We are identical twins and if you would like to tell us apart Dave is the one on the left and Andy is the one on the right being very self sufficient holding the fork.


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