In the UK it is largely dependent upon the local council as to how much you can recycle. Here in Bristol we have a kerbside recycling scheme. This makes life a lot easier than it used to be, no trips to the local supermarket with bags full of bottles, cans and newspapers. If you want to find out what your local council recycle then please use our links to all the UK councils here for A-J and here for K-Y.

There are many other schemes around other than councils that will recycle some of your waste that the council won’t collect. It is worth mentioning that if the council will not collect plastic bottles, Tetra Pak or other such items you should contact your local councillor as they may respond to public pressure.

Below is an overview with some links to help you reduce your household waste here in the UK, for the rest of the world please fee free to share or ask for any information on recycling on our web forum. If you think that something could be recycled or reused and I have not mentioned it on here you might want to try out another site called how can I recycle this?

Tetra Pak

Tetrak pak is the company that makes most drinks cartons that we use. I have lived within 5 different council areas in the last few years and none of them collect Tetra pak cartons, despite the fact that they can be recycled. It used to be the case that you sent off your Tetra Pak cartons, things have changed and now some councils will recycle and facilities are available in some car parks of the bigger supermarkets. See this interactive map for more details.

Plastic Bottles

They don’t collect plastic bottles though, if you are in the same situation then this site might be able to help . It has a useful post code search on it to find your local plastic recycling point.

When recycled plastic is ground down and washed before it can be made into new products. Loads of products can now be made from recycled plastic. If you own a fleece jacket the chances are that it was once a bottle of pop! This site helps you to identify what types of plastic you may have.


There are not too many councils that will collect wood and I certainly have not heard of any kerbside recycling schemes that do. I have found a very useful site that will help you get rid of any unwanted timber. It is another site with a post code search on it to find faculties in your area.

Kitchen and Garden Waste

By far the simplest way to recycle all of you kitchen scraps and garden waste is to compost it . This will also have the added benefit of giving you a nutrient rich substance to use in your garden. If you live in a flat you might want to ask one of your friend or neighbors with a garden if they want your kitchen scraps to compost. I certainly would not mind as i can’t produce enough of the stuff.

Many council now collect kitchen and garden waste so again you might want to contact your local council . If your council cannot help then there is another organization that you could try the community compost network .


To be in danger of repeating myself try your local council first . Otherwise DSG international have recycling facilities in many of their stores, these include Currys and PC World.

Other Ways to Reduce Waste

There are many other objects that will end up in a landfill such as, clothes, toys, computers and other consumables. If you have products that you no longer want then there might be many other people who would be happy to take them off your hands. Freecycle is full of people giving away and receiving such items. It is a simple idea and it work very effectively. People make posts offering there unwanted goods and others take it off their hands. I am off to pick up some window boxes tomorrow in fact!

For information about freecycle in your area check out their website. Another option is charity shops, many are in desperate need of your unwanted items. It can be a nice feeling knowing that your goods are being sold to help a deserving cause. Here is another handy locator to find your local charity shop.

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