Home Made Crackers – By Andy Hamilton

Andy Hamilton
Andy Hamilton

When you get in from work and want to put your feet up with a cuppa you can’t beat having some cheese and crackers to go with it. But why keep buying crackers when you can make very tasty ones at home? This recipe is a very easy one to follow so there should be no excuses.

To store put them in a sealed container and away from sunlight.


100g Butter
150g plain flour
45ml Milk
1 teaspoon baking powder
A third of a teaspoon of salt.


Sift the flour and mix in the salt and baking powder. Using a butter knife mix in the butter, you can use a normal knife but it is a bit harder.

Add the milk and mix until you have a dough.

On a floured surface roll out the dough until it is pretty thin but not thin enough to crack. Roughly to about 0.5cm.

Cut out the crackers with a cutter or a half pint glass.

Bake in the oven 180°c for fan assisted ovens, 200°c for normal and 400°f or gas mark 6 for about 30 mins. I say about as this depends on how thin you have cut them, check every now and then. They will be golden when done.

Serve with a bottle of white lightning and a packet of lambert and butlers or alternatively some cheese and wine.

4 Comments on Home Made Crackers – By Andy Hamilton

  1. Oh my goodness… this recipe has got me in a dither, now!!
    I’ve had a right craving for dry crunchy foods lately… so I’m currently living on dry cornflakes, bread sticks… and crackers!!

    Thanks Andy – will bake some tomorrow – I am a happy, happy lady :iconbiggrin:

  2. The problems nowadays with “make it yourself” pastry etc. is that its just to expensive to buy all the ingredients, if you are not making it regularly. People buy cheap crackers and go on with their ordinary lives. My mom bakes all the time so thats always good 🙂

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