Review – The Allotment pocket bible:Everything You Need to Know About Allotments

The allotment pocket bible book feels like (in the best possible way) an old time gardening book you may find in an antique bookshop. It is well presented with a 1950’s style typeset and good old fashion hard back cover. Although it is aimed at the beginner I can’t help thinking even old hands might find something of value in this book. A nice touch is the A to Z of crops with bullet points telling you the key facts such as spacing, soil requirements and sowing times. I like this as we all forget the simplest of things from time to time and need a memory jog such as this.

Despite it’s vintage feel the information contained is very contemporary and keeps up with modern horticultural practice, rather than rehashing tired old advice from the second world war (if not before) like many other allotment books (with the exception of Andi Cleevly). If you are stuck for a couple of presents for a vegetable growing friend, then this book, along with Grow your food for free …well almost, would make a perfect starter pack (although I would say that!).

For more information, including how to win a free copy of her book visit

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