Everyday plants with edible uses


Both the flowers and berries of the fuchsia are edible. There are even recipes for fuchsia berry jam! The flavour varies from juicy to petrol like.

Season – All year round in some parts of the country, will die back in hard frost

HopPicture by Dave Hamiltons

We all know that hop flowers help flavour beer but less well known perhaps are the delicious edible shoots. They can be steamed and served like asparagus.


Season –  Spring

Stag horn Sumac

Dry the drupes and pass through a sieve for a lemony flavoring that goes great with hummus. Alternatively infuse drupes in cold water and add sugar to make a lemonade flavoured drink

Season –Summer onwards. Although it can be seen right throughout the winter it can lose its flavour the longer it is on the tree.

Toffee Berry/Himalayan Honeysuckle (not to be confused with regular honeysuckle)

A very decorative garden plant, seen as a bit of a pest when it escapes into the wild. Ripe berries taste like toffee. You can tell it’s ripeness by the darken calix on the darker berries. Can be bitter if not fully ripe.

Season – Late summer/early autumn

Ice plant/Sedum spectable – Common succulent and excellent salad green. Tastes a little like cucumber

Season –  Best in spring before the plant flowers.

Evening primrose – Can be found in gardens and as an escapee in the wild. The flowers can be used in salads. The root is also edible but I’ve never found it to be that palatable.

Season – Late Spring onwards for the flower

Japanese Quince

Grown for it’s flowers. The fruit can be made into a lemonade or a jam

Season – Autumn

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  1. Hi Dave,

    How are you doing. I have started beekeeping since the foraging walk you led in Bristol. I am also moving to the countryside, so more opportunity for using your website, books and foraging!!

    Totally recommend beekeeping. It has been inexpensive to start up (second hand hive) and I got some bees for free by hiving a swarm.

    I’ve been stung by bees a few times, but that is part of the pleasure!

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