October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 5

Common Comfrey is related to both the herb ‘borage’ and the similar plant ‘Russian comfrey.’   Herbalists have used it for centuries, including the classical Greeks and the Turks.   Its old English name was […]

Iron, Calcium and Salt

October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 3

IronIron is useful throughout the body but it is mainly present in our blood where it is attached to a molecule known as haemoglobin. It is the presence of these haemoglobin molecules that gives us […]

How to dye clothes naturally

October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 1

Extract from Selfsufficientish Bible You can use a range of plants for home dying. Clothes that are dyed with natural dyes should not be machine washed as the colours can run. Before dying, treat the […]

No space to grow? No problem

October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 0

This article originally appeared on the Big Green Idea’s newsletter for December 2008 The dream of becoming self-sufficient in at least food is one that many of us aspire to but unfortunately few of us […]

Using Sour Milk – Pancakes, Soda Bread, Toad in the Hole

November 24, 2008 Dave Hamilton 0

A couple of weeks ago I opened up the bag and to my horror found a litre of unopened milk that had been sat in the bag for somewhere between 4 days and a week! I picked up the semi-solid, yoghurty liquid and put it in the fridge cursing myself for being so wasteful. Later that day I returned home with some eggs and clumsily dropped a full box of them on the floor! As I poured the three broken eggs into a jug I thought to myself that making a batter with the eggs and sour milk would be the best course of action rather than waste all of that food. […]

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