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Our Philosophy

The idea behind self-sufficientish-ism is although many of us would love to live on a farm, grow all our own food, brew pea pod wine, live the 'Good-Life'. Not all of us have the means the space or are perhaps unwilling to give it all up and suffer the highs and lows of going it alone on a smallholding.

Although total self-sufficiency is appealing the thought of giving up the little luxuries in life may not be. I grow a lot of my own food eat wild foods and when I have the money buy organic fruit and vegetables but I still enjoy beer in a pub and like to go to the cinema or eat out occasionally.

Self Sufficientish-ism has created for these reasons. It is for all those who have limited time, space or money but would like to have a go at growing their own food or brewing their own alcohol or want to know which wild foods are good to eat. We also aim to offer advice on a whole host of other subjects from a low-ecological impact perspective.  

It seems to make more sense to rely on what is around us throughout the year or what we can grow rather than having our food shipped in from the other side of the globe.   In terms of energy, the amount needed to fly an apple in from New Zealand can be up to a hundred times its energy (or calorific) value.

This website is part guide and part window into my brother and my own experiences of growing and gathering food. Through our message forum and featured articles it can also act as a pool of knowledge for all those interested in self-sufficientish-ism.

We don't claim to be experts in the field, although we try to 'live it' and welcome any comments from anyone with an interest in the subject.