Self Sufficientish  - The Map

Below is a map that shows where all of the self sufficientishers live, please feel free to add your pin too. If you grow vegetables could you also put your 5 best growing plants, this way we will have a searchable database of what grows best in which regions.

You can also map your ethical business, an ethical business that you frequent or your allotment. If you have registered as a member you will have to register again each time you want to add a business or an allotment as yet this map does not allow multipule enteries per user Please you the appropriate pin to map and or your ehtical business. Any businesses that appear on here that don't seem ethical to you please report them to me.

If you could also state how many plots are free (if any) or the amount of time the waiting list extends to then that will also help people searching for an allomtent., the urban guide to all things almost self sufficient

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