Self Sufficient Trish

Welcome to the first installment of the 'new' self sufficient Trish. The original idea of Self Sufficient Trish came from me, Andy Hamilton, and I was contacted by cartoonist Spencer Hill who redrew my amateur attempts. To see my old Trish click here.

The adventures of Trish shall be updated periodically so keep checking the site for updates. She also appears in other small strips throughout the site in various articles. If you have a funny self sufficient 'ish' story that you would like to see Trish act out then please e-mail me. Hope you enjoy reading about her. For the second installment when Trish meets Dan sizer, click here.


Tish and the award winning sunflower


Please note Trish is not based on anyone living or dead or called Trish in fact I have never even met anyone called Trish. If you are called Trish and find this offensive please accept my apologies I do not with to cause any distress self sufficient Trish is supposed to be funny., the urban guide to all things almost self sufficient

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