Soy bean feedback?

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Soy bean feedback?

Post: #133246 JustinFun
Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:35 pm

Earlier this year a few of us (including Andy Hamilton) posted about attempting to grow soy beans in the UK. I was wondering how we all got on?

I had a reasonable crop - the ones sown direct seemed happier than those transplanted. Two problems though:

- the beans were quite small - nowhere near as big as japanese restaurant edameme.
- the pods had a hairy 'skin' on them which came away from the pod when boiled. this meant that if you wanted to serve them as edameme you ended up with a mounthful of fur (if you popped the pod open with your mouth, that is).

I see from the seed catalogues that there are a couple of new varieties for next year, so I'll probably give them a try to see if they're any better.

Any other success or failure stories?

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