Tomatoe Seeds

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Mike Hudson

Tomatoe Seeds

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Could some one advise me how to collect my own tomatoe seeds
Many Thanks



Re: Tomatoe Seed

Post: # 14Post Rowena »

Cut the ripe plant that you want to collect the seed from and dry carefully in brown paper bag.When completely dry -place into new brown bag ,seal and label with date and variety of plant seed. Store in cool dry place until ready to use next year!


re: Tomato Seeds

Post: # 15Post Pam »

If its only a few tomato seeds you want, squidge your tomato on a peice of kitchen paper to get the seeds out, and let dry in a warm place. rub them gently when they are dry, to get the slimey coat off, then store in a airtight pot in a cool place when they are completely dry.

If you want lots of seeds, you need to ferment them.
Sqeeze your ripe tomatoes into a bowl, mash with a fork, and leave somewhere thats warm, (but not where you can smell it, it will start to pong!)for about 4 days or so. Mix with lots of water and leave to settle. The good seeds will settle at the bottom, bad seeds and gunk will be at the top, so pour it off and repeat a couple of times to get nice clean seeds. Strain, dry (carefully it might take a while) and store. More trouble, but its surpose to ensure better germination!

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