Spring Green Festival - Lincoln, April 21st

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Spring Green Festival - Lincoln, April 21st

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I hope it's OK to promote a new green event that I'm putting on?

I work as the Community Music person at Bishop Grosseteste University College in Lincoln. Because my job description is fairly loose (pretty much - "hook the college up with good music and build a community!") I get a lot of latitude to put on interesting events. It's taken me a couple of months, but I think they've finally twigged onto the fact that my politics are green, and they are prepared to let me run with my plans for building a Green Festival in Lincoln.

My next big event - Spring Green 2012 - will be on April 21st at the University College (satnav or google LN1 3DY for directions!), when I've had agreement to stage a one day Green festival. We've got live green music coming from Talis Kimberley (going to be huge on the festival circuit next year, I swear!), a skillshare event, a green market, a human library, loads of workshops and talks as well as live willow weaving. All for £5 (£3.50 concessions). http://springgreen2012-esearch2.eventbr ... k=1&ebtv=C

I am starting to have slightly worrying dreams where no-one turns up, I get sacked and have to work in T***o...

Please come along and have a lovely Green day! :sunny:

There looks to be the possibility of making this into a much bigger annual weekend event if I can get this one to go well...
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Re: Spring Green Festival - Lincoln, April 21st

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So so sorry but this would have been a great event for me. My DH loves music as does his brother and his brother lives in Grantham but... We are all at a family wedding in Scotland that week end. I am sure others will be quick to respond and it will be a great success. Good luck and well done you for organising it.
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