TWO Petitions - Save Seed Diversity!

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TWO Petitions - Save Seed Diversity!

Post: # 273699Post EcoTreedweller »

I hope I am posting this in the right place.

Two petitions concerning saving seed diversity.

First is here: ... 28de|en%29

And the second, translated (roughly) from original, is here:

Risk to seed by new laws

2013, the EU seed legislation is revised. The industry lobbies for laws that threaten the small seed dealers, nurseries, peasant seeds and varieties.

Seed exchange: Soon illegal?
The free exchange of seeds and seedlings between farmers and gardeners could punishable. Also endangered species should not be passed without extensive regulatory approval.

NOAH'S ARK and GLOBAL 2000 are committed to a more sustainable EU seed legislation. To protect the diversity of consumers and the farmers' seed culture.

The site is in German, but the boxes you fill in should be fairly straightforward (first name, last name, email address, tick box for 'I agree to the use of data by GLOBAL 2000 and Arche Noah')

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Re: TWO Petitions - Save Seed Diversity!

Post: # 273707Post sam_uk »

Hey glad this is being discussed. There is less than 24 hours now until the decision!

Personally I believe the most effective course of action is to email the decision makers directly. This site aims to make that easy for people to do in a few clicks:

The most popular petition I am aware of on this is this one which has 15,500+ signatures: ... s_EU/?pv=0

<edit sorry just saw that is nonsense! The one you posted has many more.. not been widely distributed in the UK yet I think>


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Re: TWO Petitions - Save Seed Diversity!

Post: # 273708Post diggernotdreamer »

From Real Seeds, they have been circulating the German petition and issued this just this morning

An update on the proposed new seed laws:

We have now seen the revised draft of these seed laws. The good news is, that all your campaigning is starting to have some effect! There are now clearly written exemptions for seed swaps.

Sadly, it is still a dreadful law that will restrict biodiversity and massively limit access to traditional open pollinated varieties for gardeners.

We all need to carry on campaigning now that they have started to listen - we are working on a clear summary and explanation today of the problems that remain, and we will post a full update on our website and here as soon as we can.

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Re: TWO Petitions - Save Seed Diversity!

Post: # 276725Post Skippy »

Seems the celebrating was a tad premature as the changes are being watered down.


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