Become a vegetable “expert”

November 18, 2014 Odsox 2

Sowing vegetable seeds, how difficult can it be? It’s easy, it must be, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the packet,don’t you? Well, yes and no, depending on where you live, […]

What to do if you get potato blight

September 16, 2014 zech 0

If you grow potatoes, they’ll almost certainly get blight at some point. The first sign is brown spots on the leaves, which may have yellow borders. This quickly spreads and withers all the leaves, until […]

No space to grow? No problem

October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 0

This article originally appeared on the Big Green Idea’s newsletter for December 2008 The dream of becoming self-sufficient in at least food is one that many of us aspire to but unfortunately few of us […]

Beans, squash corn matrix

June 30, 2008 Dave Hamilton 0

  I first heard of the Maize, Squash and Bean poly-culture method of planting whilst at University studying for my degree in Nutrition and Food Science. It was a method of planting used across the […]

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