Weights and Measures Conversion Chart.

Although we at selfsufficientish.com do try our best to ensure our recipes are presented to show metric and imperial the odd ones do slip though the net. It has also been brought top my attention that some of our visitors use cups measurements, with this in mind I thought that a conversion chart would be very useful. I have also added some more obscure weights and measures so that anyone with an old cook book can still make use of it, so here it is. If you want to check out all our of recipes then click here or use your browsers back button to return to one of our recipes if that is how you came to be on this page or do you have a recipe that you want to share with the world? There is also a calculator to help you convert your weights and measures.

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Convert almost anything to metric Millilitres and Litres

Cup (canada) 227.3 ml
Cup Metric 250 ml
Cup US 236.6 ml
Bushell UK 36.368 ltr
Centiliter 10 ml
Dram 3.69ml
Gallon (UK) 4.546 ltr
Gallon US (liquid) 3.785 ltr
Gill (UK) 142 ml
Gill (US) 118.29 ml
Hogshead (UK) 286.404 ml
Measure (anchient hebrew) 7.7 ltr
Tablespoon (metric) 15 ml
Tablespoon (UK) 14.2 ml
Tablespoon (US) 14.78 ml
Teaspoon (metric) 5 ml
Teaspoon (UK) 3.6 ml
Teaspoon (US) 4.92 ml
Fluid Ounce (UK) 28.41 ml
Fluid Ounce (US) 29.57 ml
Peck (UK) 9.092 ltr
Peck (US) 8.810 ltr
Pint (UK) 568 ml
Pint (US) 473.176 ml
Pint (US DRY) 550.61 ml
Quart 1.137 ltr
Quart (US Dry) 1.101 ltr
Quart (US liquid) 946.35 ml

An here is a simple calculator if you need it.

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Convert Almost anything to Grams and Kilos

Grain 0.064 g
Scruples 1.296 g
Carats 0.2 g
Pennyweight 1.56 g
Ounce (Avoir) 28.35 g
Ounce (Troy,Apoth) 31.103g
Poundal 14 g
Pound 373 g
Pound (Avoir.) 453 g
Stone 6 350.09g
Metric Tonne 21 474 g


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