Trish and her window box

The carry-a-bag campaign is getting so big Self sufficient Trish has even got in on the act. To check out what the carry-a-bag campaign is all about then please have a look on the carry a bag campaign pages.

If you have a funny self sufficient 'ish' story that you would like to see Trish act out then please e-mail me. Hope you enjoy reading about her.  Also if you would like site cartoonist Spence to draw a birthday card or a characterture for a special gift for a loved one then please email with the offer of some cash. Ta. To see more of Spence's work try here.

cartoon window box

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Or for more of Spence's work please visit his site. - please not he is not as pretty as his cartoon picture would have you believe.

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Please note Trish or any of the other characters are not based on anyone living or dead or called Trish in fact I have never even met anyone called Trish. If you are called Trish and find this offensive please accept my apologies I do not with to cause any distress self sufficient Trish is supposed to be funny., the urban guide to all things almost self sufficient

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