Using Sour Milk – Pancakes, Soda Bread, Toad in the Hole

November 24, 2008 Dave Hamilton 0

A couple of weeks ago I opened up the bag and to my horror found a litre of unopened milk that had been sat in the bag for somewhere between 4 days and a week! I picked up the semi-solid, yoghurty liquid and put it in the fridge cursing myself for being so wasteful. Later that day I returned home with some eggs and clumsily dropped a full box of them on the floor! As I poured the three broken eggs into a jug I thought to myself that making a batter with the eggs and sour milk would be the best course of action rather than waste all of that food. […]

Haw Jelly – Andy Hamilton

October 10, 2008 Andy Hamilton 0

I was first introduced to the delights of haw jelly when it was given as a present from the secret selfsufficientish santa (a yearly tradition on our web forum) a couple of Christmas’s ago and […]

Simple (and cheap) beer made with real hops

October 10, 2008 Andy Hamilton 2

The beauty of this beer is that you can forage or grow one of the key ingredients of it, namely the hops. If you look to your right you will see  my hop plants happily […]

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