New design and a fixed forum

August 27, 2014 sitegeek 0

Hi there Ishers, lurkers and other random viewers from the internet. We have a new design for the main site, all the content is there just a few tweaks for future expansion plans, things are […]

Jobs to be done in May

May 8, 2014 sitegeek 0

Here’s another very old article I’ve decided to resurrect, some of the links go to the old website and may look a little dated now! The garden in May can be a busy time for […]

Self Sufficiency As a Retirement Strategy Part 1 An Introduction

July 4, 2013 sitegeek 3

Most retirement strategies focus on “wealth creation” or providing you with enough cash to maintain your pre-retirement extravagant lifestyle. This is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but it is worth knowing that there […]

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