66 uses for a bread bag

October 28, 2009 sitegeek 1

Despite our best efforts we don’t always have enough time to bake bread and end up nipping out to buy a loaf. The thing is each loaf comes in its own plastic bag. If you […]


October 28, 2009 Andy Hamilton 0

In the UK it is largely dependent upon the local council as to how much you can recycle. Here in Bristol we have a kerbside recycling scheme. This makes life a lot easier than it […]

10 ways to reduce your utility bills

October 23, 2009 sitegeek 6

Even if you are not environmentally conscious you will no doubt be happy to lower the cost of those bills. In the last 6 months my gas and electricity for a two bedroom house has cost less than £70 that’s less than £3 a week, here is how I did it. […]

Homebrewing on the cheap

October 12, 2009 Andy Hamilton 2

When we are skint (poor, broke, brassit) many of us will like to have a glass of something to take our mind off it. Just because we have a book out does not make us […]

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