Composting by Andy Hamilton

October 28, 2009 Andy Hamilton 0

If you are going to grow organically then composting should be one of your number one priorities. Much of the compost that is bought from garden centres comes from non renewable peat bogs and, as […]

66 uses for a bread bag

October 28, 2009 sitegeek 1

Despite our best efforts we don’t always have enough time to bake bread and end up nipping out to buy a loaf. The thing is each loaf comes in its own plastic bag. If you […]


October 28, 2009 Andy Hamilton 0

In the UK it is largely dependent upon the local council as to how much you can recycle. Here in Bristol we have a kerbside recycling scheme. This makes life a lot easier than it […]

UK councils K-Y – To help you find an allotment

October 28, 2009 Andy Hamilton 1

Looking for an allotment? For your convenience we have created this list of UK councils, if we have not listed your council then please contact us by e-mail here. This e-mail address is being protected […]

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