Nasturtium leaf pesto

June 10, 2013 sitegeek 0

Nasturtiums are often over looked as a food source but in a bad year on an allotment they can really come into their own.  The flowers and leaves can be used in salads, the buds […]

Nettle Haggis

April 17, 2013 Trish Ish 1

Nettle Haggis Nettle Haggis is perhaps one of the cheapest recipes I’ve ever made (especially if you leave out the bacon) and one of the first to feature on Self-Sufficientish back when the site started […]

Hawthorn Ketchup recipe

October 2, 2012 Trish Ish 4

During most of my autumn courses I either run through how to make hawthorn ketchup or I have some on hand to try (preferable both!).  This year I thought I would at least get round […]

Preserving Cherries

July 27, 2012 sitegeek 4

Town planners of 20th century often included cherry trees in their planting schemes as they loved the blossom. The fruit was something of an afterthought, but not for us foragers. It has meant that added […]

Everyday plants with edible uses

May 30, 2012 Trish Ish 2

Fuchsia Both the flowers and berries of the fuchsia are edible. There are even recipes for fuchsia berry jam! The flavour varies from juicy to petrol like. Season – All year round in some parts […]

Storing your produce

September 9, 2011 Trish Ish 2

This article first appeared in Country Small Holding magazine in he Autumn of 2010 At this time of year, the spherical rock we cling to on its journey through space begins to tilt away from […]

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