Getting ready to buy seeds?

February 24, 2010 Dave Hamilton 7

It’s that time of year again that many of us are reaching for the seed catalogues and decided what we are going to fill those frosty winter beds with come the warmth of spring. Well […]


October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 5

Common Comfrey is related to both the herb ‘borage’ and the similar plant ‘Russian comfrey.’   Herbalists have used it for centuries, including the classical Greeks and the Turks.   Its old English name was […]

Wild Flower Gardens

October 30, 2009 Andy Hamilton 0

This method of establishing a wild flower garden I stumbled on quite by mistake and have since encouraged others to try the same. After harvesting my carrots I left the land-fallow, I no longer wanted […]

Dandelion crop or pest?

October 30, 2009 Andy Hamilton 8

Dandelions are traditionally a well-know bane of most gardeners, their deep roots make them a tough weed to eliminate from any plot.   To ensure they do not return the entire root must be taken […]

No space to grow? No problem

October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 0

This article originally appeared on the Big Green Idea’s newsletter for December 2008 The dream of becoming self-sufficient in at least food is one that many of us aspire to but unfortunately few of us […]

Allotments – By Andy Hamilton

October 29, 2009 Andy Hamilton 1

Choosing a perfect site|Alternatives to allotments | top 10 tips|other allotment related websites| If like me you live in a flat and have no garden then an allotment is an ideal way to have your […]

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