Peat-Free Seed Sowing by Emma Cooper

February 13, 2012 Trish Ish 2

In the first of our series of guest bloggers Emma Cooper writer, gardener and podcaster, talks about  peat free seed sowing. We have reached the time of year when kitchen gardeners everywhere start sowing seeds […]

Soil pH and vegetable growing

February 5, 2012 sitegeek 2

pH describes how acid or alkali a soil is. Certain plants will thrive in a more alkali soil and others will do well in acid soil. Most vegetable plants like a soil which is neutral […]

Winter Pruning

January 23, 2011 Trish Ish 0

In the UK it is winter right up until early March and fruit trees and bushes are in their dormancy period, making this a perfect time to get pruning.  During this dormancy the sap has […]

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