Elsinore Bread by Andy Hamilton

November 1, 2009 Andy Hamilton 0

Although I’m not entirely sure where this bread got its name from, perhaps it was baked in Shakespearian times.  The only reference I can find for Elsinore is from the city in Denmark where Hamlet […]


October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 5

Common Comfrey is related to both the herb ‘borage’ and the similar plant ‘Russian comfrey.’   Herbalists have used it for centuries, including the classical Greeks and the Turks.   Its old English name was […]

Wild Flower Gardens

October 30, 2009 Andy Hamilton 0

This method of establishing a wild flower garden I stumbled on quite by mistake and have since encouraged others to try the same. After harvesting my carrots I left the land-fallow, I no longer wanted […]

A quick guide to vitamins

October 30, 2009 Andy Hamilton 0

Vitamins can be broken into two groups – Fat soluble and water soluble. The Fat Soluble vitamins are Vitamins A, D, E and K.   They are stored in the liver so unlike water soluble vitamins, […]

Iron, Calcium and Salt

October 30, 2009 Dave Hamilton 3

IronIron is useful throughout the body but it is mainly present in our blood where it is attached to a molecule known as haemoglobin. It is the presence of these haemoglobin molecules that gives us […]

Dandelion crop or pest?

October 30, 2009 Andy Hamilton 8

Dandelions are traditionally a well-know bane of most gardeners, their deep roots make them a tough weed to eliminate from any plot.   To ensure they do not return the entire root must be taken […]

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