Wild Mezze Platter

June 17, 2013 Dave Hamilton 7

  I love Middle Eastern food in all shapes and forms. Nothing satisfies me more than tucking into a nice mezze platter. However as all the exotic ingredients have to be flown from half way […]

Nettle Haggis

April 17, 2013 Dave Hamilton 1

Nettle Haggis Nettle Haggis is perhaps one of the cheapest recipes I’ve ever made (especially if you leave out the bacon) and one of the first to feature on Self-Sufficientish back when the site started […]

Wild in the city – Dave Hamilton

March 17, 2013 Dave Hamilton 3

If you think about wild food do you picture a woodland miles from anywhere full of unusual plants and mushrooms with strange unpronounceable names? Perhaps foraging is something you know a little about and you […]


October 9, 2012 Dave Hamilton 3

Stag Horn Sumac – Rhus typhina The Forager’s Lemon Sumac is one of those plants you may have seen a thousand times but never really realised it had an edible use. It’s not a truly […]

Foraging for Medicine – Part one – Lime/linden blossom (Tilia) – Andy Hamilton

June 22, 2011 Andy Hamilton 7

Picking lime blossom could’nt be easier. First find a tree, many victorian parks are lined with them and this is always a good place to start. Otherwise, they are often the trees that line our suburbs, the ones that get pruned to withing an inch of their lives in the winter/early spring before filling up with leaves and looking like the poodle of the tree world […]

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