Wild Mezze Platter

June 17, 2013 Dave Hamilton 7

  I love Middle Eastern food in all shapes and forms. Nothing satisfies me more than tucking into a nice mezze platter. However as all the exotic ingredients have to be flown from half way […]

Irrigation – Dave Hamilton

May 25, 2013 Dave Hamilton 2

Irrigation Regardless if you believe in climate change or not you cannot deny our weather is becoming more unpredictable.  In the past we could rely on steady spring showers watering all our newly planted seedlings. […]

Nettle Haggis

April 17, 2013 Dave Hamilton 1

Nettle Haggis Nettle Haggis is perhaps one of the cheapest recipes I’ve ever made (especially if you leave out the bacon) and one of the first to feature on Self-Sufficientish back when the site started […]

Wild in the city – Dave Hamilton

March 17, 2013 Dave Hamilton 3

If you think about wild food do you picture a woodland miles from anywhere full of unusual plants and mushrooms with strange unpronounceable names? Perhaps foraging is something you know a little about and you […]

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